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From Our Readers...

We love hearing from our readers! Here's what a few of you have to say this week.

I liked reading about Amanda Gorman (February 19). I think she and I could make the world a better place. Even though the world isn’t perfect, we can make it perfect. —Isaiah Destin, 10, in Charlotte, North Carolina

I read “PPE Pollution” (February 26). Masks are supposed to help protect us, not hurt wildlife. People should learn how to throw away trash. We need to keep the environment and each other safe! —Parker Navarrette, 12, in Corona, California

I love your magazines! My class and I read them in school. I often read them again at home. Could one of your issues be about what to be when you grow up? I want to be a doctor, like my dad. —Lucretia Montague, 10, in Portland, Maine

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