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From Our Readers...

You can write to us to share your thoughts and opinions on TIME for Kids articles. We recently received this letter from a reader in Connecticut.

With regard to your article “Exploring Mars” (March 26), it was interesting and amazing to learn that a rover has successfully landed on Mars to search for evidence of past microbial life. I congratulate the scientists, engineers, and mechanics who achieved this feat. I am really excited and can’t wait to see what the rover discovers. I am also amazed that the heat shield could withstand a temperature that reached 2,370°F because of atmospheric friction. I wonder how scientists were able to create all that technology. It must have taken years of study and research. And I wonder what it would be like to find out that the species we know on Earth (including us) aren’t the only ones to have inhabited this universe. I am eagerly waiting for more updates from the Red Planet! —Rudrh Nair, 9, in Stamford, Connecticut

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