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Rock On


Get ready to jam out with Trolls World Tour. It’s a sequel to the 2016 Trolls movie. The film follows troll friends Poppy and Branch as they make a big discovery: Theirs is not the world’s only troll tribe. Poppy and Branch learn that every tribe is dedicated to a different type of music—funk, country, techno, classical, pop, or rock. Rock troll King Thrash and his daughter, Queen Barb, want to destroy the other tribes and transform all trolls into rock zombies.

Ron Funches is the voice of Cooper, a four-legged troll. “Cooper is a member of the Snack Pack,” Funches told TIME for Kids. Its members, which include Poppy and Branch, are pop trolls. But Cooper, a funk troll, stands out. “He becomes determined to find more trolls that look like him,” Funches says.

The movie shows that it’s okay to be different. “We need each other in order to create this symphony called life,” Funches says. Trolls World Tour will be available to stream online on April 10.