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TFK Reads: Every Second


Looking for a good book this summer? TIME for Kids is here to help. Our editors selected 10 of the most exciting books of the season. Then we handed them off to our team of TFK Kid Reporters to get their opinions. Here, TFK Kid Reporter Jack Doane reviews Every Second by Bruno Gibert.

We'll be posting more reviews all summer. Check back next week for another great summer page-turner.

Line Break

Did you know that, worldwide, 3 million emails are sent every second? It’s true! That’s just one fact from Every Second, a book of incredible facts from our fast-moving world. For example: How many pounds of sugar are consumed every second? How many babies are born?

The information is accompanied by fun visuals that tie the book together. You can use what you learn to create a trivia game or simply amaze your friends with your newfound knowledge.