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The Kid Report: Bringing Books

Some charitable groups take donations of more than just money. They may need resources directly from the community. Book drives are a way for people to come together to collect books for those in need. You can read about Emily Bhatnagar's book drive in "Bringing Books," in this week's TIME for Kids. Here, TFK Kid Reporter Orion Jean, 12, has some tips for how to start your own book drive.

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Emily Bhatnagar and I both started book drives to help kids in our communities. Would you like to start one in your town? Here are some tips.

First, determine your goal. Think about the people you’re helping and their literary needs. Then finalize the details. How will you collect and store the books? How will you track them? How will you distribute them? Get your community involved. Invite people to events. Remind them of the impact that can be made when people come together. And stay true to your mission. This is important. If it gets tough, remember why you’re starting the book drive and the people you’re trying to help.

With these tips in mind, I believe you’ll be able to start a successful book drive. We’re rooting for you! ­—By TFK Kid Reporter Orion Jean, 12