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The Kid Report: Speaking from Space

Astronaut Nicole Mann is the first Native American woman in space. Last October, she blasted off for the International Space Station (ISS) aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon. Read what she has to say about her life and her experience on the ISS in “Speaking from Space.” The story is in this week’s TIME for Kids. TFK Kid Reporter Zarita Asgar, 9, sees Mann as a role model. Find out why.

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Ever since I was little, I’ve loved learning about outer space. But the general belief that only boys were supposed to like space really frustrated me. At my local store, all the clothes with NASA prints on them were in boys’ sizes. But because of all the inspiring stories I read about female scientists and astronauts who never stopped persevering, I kept going. I dreamed of being an astronaut. Commander Nicole Mann is a role model for me. She’s leading the way for young female space enthusiasts. And she’s bringing diversity into the picture. Her story shows there should be no barrier for anyone in pursuing and achieving a successful STEAM career.