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It's Electric!

January 6, 2021

Kitchen Cabinet Science Projects, a new book by scientist Michelle Dickinson (above), is full of hands-on experiments that involve kitchen items. Dickinson shares one of them here. The experiment uses static electricity to make a strip of plastic hover in…


TFK Reads: Bug Boys

January 5, 2021

Looking for something new to read? TIME for Kids has recommendations. Our editors selected some of the most exciting books of 2020. Then we handed them off to our team of TFK Kid Reporters to review. Here, TFK Kid Reporter…



December 28, 2020

Looking for something to read? Here, TFK Kid Reporters review four noteworthy books of 2020. When Stars Are Scattered This graphic novel by Victoria Jamieson and Omar Mohamed tells the true story of two brothers who live in a refugee…

Movies and Television

At the Movies: The Croods: A New Age

December 2, 2020

The Croods: A New Age is a fun animated comedy for kids of all ages. It’s about relationships between two prehistoric families, the Croods and the Bettermans. The Croods live in a cave where they sleep together in piles. The…


The Best Toys of 2020

December 1, 2020

The best toys of 2020 are a reflection of this year's events. There's Monopoly House Divided, a state-of-the-nation take on the classic board game. There's also Playmobil's Large Hospital play set, which introduces kids to what goes on inside a…


History's Mysteries

November 11, 2020

As a kid, Victor Escandell enjoyed mysteries and detective stories. He also loved riddles, even though he often couldn’t solve them. “I’ve never been very good at logic exercises,” the artist told TIME for Kids. “I prefer using my imagination.”…


Fantastic Classics

November 3, 2020

TIME created a list of the 100 best fantasy books ever. TIME for Kids editors chose 10 favorites for kids. Read about them here. They're listed in order of publication, beginning in 1865. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland More than 150…


Spooky Stories

October 21, 2020

Halloween is the perfect time to curl up with a book that will make you glad you’re safe at home. Here are three new spine-tingling tales. A Game Gone Wrong In Hide and Seeker, by Daka Hermon, Justin is confused…


Team Effort

October 14, 2020

The whole world watched in awe when humans first walked on the moon, in July 1969. The Apollo program was one of the most incredible feats in human history. How We Got to the Moon, written and illustrated by John…

Movies and Television

To the Moon!

October 14, 2020

Take a rocket to the moon in this new animated musical. Over the Moon follows a smart, determined girl named Fei Fei. She’s a science lover who’s on a mission to find Chang’e, the moon goddess in Chinese mythology. Fei…