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In the Orchestra


There are many types of instruments in an orchestra. They make different sounds. The instruments are grouped into four sections. Players in each group sit together. How do musicians stay on the beat? They look to their conductor. The conductor leads the orchestra. Read the chart below. Learn how the orchestra is put together.

Brass instruments are made of metal. How do you play a brass instrument? You blow into it. The brass section is very loud. It is in the back of the orchestra.

Percussion instruments are tapped or banged or shaken. They are usually not played at the same time. One person might play different instruments.

Stringed instruments make music when their strings made to vibrate. Players do this with a bow. Or strings are plucked. String players sit up front.

Woodwind instruments can be made of wood or metal. A musician blows into a woodwind instrument. The woodwind section sits in the center of the orchestra.