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Past and Present

David tinjum

The American Indian Magnet School (AIMS) is a public school in St. Paul, Minnesota. Students there learn reading, writing, and math. They also study American Indian traditions tradition GETTY IMAGES a practice, story, or belief that has been part of a family or group for a long time (noun) It is a tradition in Sarah’s family to eat pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. .

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Music and More

Students learn about American Indian music. They meet with members of a drumming group.

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Learning with Games

The school has nearly 700 students. About 160 of them are American Indians. The students play American Indian games.

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Sharing the Past and Present

Community GARY D’ERCOLE—GETTY IMAGES a group of people who live in the same place (noun) Our community has a parade each year on July 4th. members teach students about American Indian history and traditions.


Special Moves

Students at AIMS learn American Indian dances.

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Where in the World?

AIMS is located in St. Paul. The city is the capital of Minnesota. The state is in a part of the United States called the Midwest. Where is your state?