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TFK Press Club

Join the TFK Press Club!

December 7, 2023

Welcome to the TIME for Kids Press Club! We always love to hear from you. Let’s make it official! By joining the TFK Press Club, you'll become a Junior Journalist and be invited to share the stories that matter most…


What's Trending?

April 20, 2023

A trend is something that’s popular for a short period of time. For example, wraparound sunglasses were trendy in the 1980s. A decade later, kids begged their parents for Furbies and Tamogotchis. (Never heard of these toys? Trust us. They…


What's Your Sports Story?

April 13, 2023

As the temperatures are getting warmer, spring and summer sports seasons are starting up. A news story about sports can take many different approaches. A sports journalist might write a profile of a player. A reporter might cover the highlights…


What's Your Earth Story?

April 6, 2023

News stories about the environment can cover a wide range of topics, such as pollution, extreme weather, and endangered animals. Sometimes, they look at solutions to environmental problems. Or a journalist might write about what someone is doing to help…


Can You Explain It?

March 16, 2023

Sometimes, news stories cover specialized topics that require background knowledge the average reader might not have. For this type of story, a journalist might write an explainer article. An explainer provides what readers need to know about a complex topic.…


What's Your STEAM Story?

March 9, 2023

News stories about STEAM highlight events or discoveries in science, technology, the arts, engineering, or math. A STEAM story might describe an important scientific paper, a new novel, or an innovative construction project. Many of the most newsworthy topics today…


What's Your Local News?

March 2, 2023

Do you know what’s going on in your community? Keeping informed about global events is important, but it’s also good to know what’s happening where you live. This is where local news comes in. Community newspapers and local TV news…


TIME Is Turning 100!

February 16, 2023

On March 3, 1923, the first issue of TIME magazine was published. Soon we’ll be celebrating our 100th birthday! The world was much different a century ago. About a million kids ages 10 to 15 worked—mostly on farms and in…


What's Your Power Song?

February 9, 2023

The Grammys introduced a new award category this year: Best Song for Social Change. The winner was announced at the live ceremony on February 5. It was “Baraye,” by Iranian singer Shervin Hajipour. The song has become an anthem for…


What Do You See in Space?

January 19, 2023

A comet is passing Earth for the first time since the days of the Neanderthals. It’s called Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF), and is visible with a telescope, binoculars, or even the naked eye, if it remains bright enough. NASA says…