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Spring Sights

Spring is a season of beginnings. All around you, nature is springing to life! The weather is getting warmer. Daylight lasts longer. Look outside. Here are some signs you might see of spring.

Babies are born.

Baby animals are born in the spring. You might see baby rabbits hopping around. They are learning about the world.

Plants are budding.

Over winter, branches were bare. Now there are buds. These will become leaves or flowers.

Days are longer.

Have you noticed? There is more daylight in the spring. The days will get longer until summer.

There are rainy days.

Spring brings rainy days. Rain is needed for plants to grow. When the rain stops, look up at the sky. Do you see a rainbow?

Did You Know?

Spring is the best time to plant a garden. Do you have a favorite fruit or vegetable? Plant the seeds and water them every day. Watch your garden grow!