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Suited for Space


It can be very cold or very hot in space. There is no air to breathe. An astronaut has to wear a space suit. Read about its different parts.

1. This is a backpack. It provides air to breathe. It keeps the suit at the right temperature. It also powers the suit. A radio lets an astronaut talk to other members of the team.

2. Pants keep the astronaut safe from heat and cold. These boots were made for a rocky surface.

3. The helmet gets oxygen from the backpack. This lets the astronaut breathe. There is a gold visor. It acts like sunglasses. It protects the astronaut’s eyes from the sun.

4. A space suit is like a small spacecraft. It has a control panel. The panel is connected to the backpack. It lets the astronaut control the life-support system.

5. An astronaut’s hands would freeze without these gloves. They have heaters. They might look bulky. But the astronaut can easily pick up objects.