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The Kid Report: On This Land

November 10, 2021

The story "On This Land"—about honoring Native land—appears in this week's issue of TIME for Kids. Nathan Whittinghill attends middle school in the Mukilteo School District, in Washington State. Here, he writes about what land acknowledgement means to him and…


TFK Goes to Comic Con

October 21, 2021

Earlier this month, Pikachu and Captain Marvel posed for a picture. It wasn’t a Halloween party. It was New York Comic Con! The four-day event kicked off at the Javits Center, in New York City, on October 7. Comic conventions…


Media Literacy

8 Questions for Devorah Heitner

October 12, 2021

Devorah Heitner is the author of Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive (and Survive) in Their Digital World. TFK Kid Reporter Orlie Weitzman spoke with her about young people and digital media, and recent news involving Instagram Kids. 1. Instagram delayed the…


Stepping Back

October 7, 2021

Scientists have analyzed footprints made thousands of years ago in White Sands National Park, in New Mexico. The tracks show that humans lived in North America some 5,000 years earlier than previous evidence suggested. The fossilized prints were preserved…


United States

Back in Class

August 27, 2021

Kids all over the country have returned to classrooms. This is usually an exciting time. But this year, the excitement is again mixed with uncertainty. “I’m wondering if school will be back to normal, or if it’ll be the same…



Mattel Honors Frontline Workers

August 5, 2021

Mattel is honoring frontline workers with dolls modeled on real-life doctors and nurses. Among them is a doll version of Amy O’Sullivan. She’s a nurse at the Wyckoff Heights Medical Center. That’s in Brooklyn, New York. O’Sullivan appeared on the…


Reflecting on Racism

June 7, 2021

In June 2020, Sesame Workshop began a study of how kids and families in the United States feel and talk about racism. Researchers questioned 147 families with children from ages 6 to 11. In January 2021, they checked in with…


Time Off

Toys for the Summer

May 21, 2021

There are so many ways to have fun and stay cool during the summer months. Here are some of our favorite outdoor toys and games. Colorful Creations Sidewalk chalk is a classic tool for creative expression. You can draw pictures…


United States

Calling for Change

April 23, 2021

On March 28, Mina Fedor, 12, organized a rally with four friends: Bee, Anna, Juno, and Mila. It took place in Berkeley, California. More than 1,200 people joined them. The girls led a crowd onto a bridge across a freeway.…



Mummies on the Move

April 9, 2021

The Pharaohs’ Golden Parade took place in Cairo, Egypt, on April 3. It celebrated the country’s history, transporting 22 royal mummies from the Egyptian Museum to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. The mummies of 18 kings and four queens…