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Earth Day Reads

Are you looking for a book to read for Earth Day? These new books explore the theme of the environment in different ways. The Curse of Eelgrass Bog uses fantasy and magic to make an important point. The Secret Language of Birds takes place in our world, but with fictional characters. And nonfiction books, such as The Monarch Effect, entertain readers with facts. Which book appeals most to you? —By Cristina Fernandez

The Curse of Eelgrass Bog

Ever since her parents embarked on an expedition, Kess Pedrock has struggled to maintain her family’s Unnatural History Museum. Nearby is a marshland called Eelgrass Bog. She feels
a strange connection to the place. It’s rumored to be home to witches and demons. The Curse of Eelgrass Bog, by Mary Averling, is for kids who want to read a captivating mystery that involves the supernatural. Including a possible witch. —By TFK Kid Reporter
Alexa Oh

The Monarch Effect

Have you ever wondered where monarch butterflies go in the winter? What about where they come from? The Monarch Effect, by Dana L. Church, is sure to answer these questions and more. The book follows the monarch through its transformation from caterpillar to butterfly. You’ll learn how monarchs migrate and reproduce. And you’ll learn why they’re endangered. Readers of all ages will love this book, especially nature lovers. —By TFK Kid Reporter
Dylan Patel

The Secret Language of Birds

This book by Lynne Kelly tells the story of Nina. She’s a teenager who’s fascinated with a strange bird. Nina is determined to understand how the bird communicates. She learns about the bird’s language. And readers learn about how birds talk to one another. Get ready for a journey of discovery. The Secret Language of Birds is perfect for readers who enjoy stories about curious kids and nature’s wonders. —By TFK Kid Reporter
Abhijay Potluri