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G3-4 Text Set: Refuge Seekers

SEEKING SAFETY Refugees walk in a rice-field canal after crossing into Bangladesh. PAULA BRONSTEIN—GETTY IMAGES

People around the world flee their homes to find safety for themselves and their families. Some are even forced to leave. They must leave behind all they know, often with only the things they can carry. This text set explores the topic of people on the move and their different journeys toward security and a new home.

Essential Questions:

1. Why do people leave their homes?

2. What is the journey like for these people? What are some challenges they may face on their journey?

3. How is the daily life of a refugee or a migrant similar to and different from yours?

4. What do refugee families seem to value most? How might this change during their journey?

Click here for the full PDF guide to this text set.

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