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Let's Do Improv!


Improv is short for improvisation. It is a type of theater theater DAVID SACKS/GETTY the art of creating plays that are performed on a stage (noun) Mime is a type of theater in which the characters do no speak. . Everything is made up on the spot. The performers discover what is happening as they go. Nick Kanellis and Peter McNerney are expert expert JOSH BLAKE/GETTY having special skill or knowledge because of your training or experience (adjective) Frances is an expert tap dancer. improvisers. They teach improv classes. They also work with Story Pirates. They perform perform SEAN DE BURCA/GETTY to entertain an audience (verb) I can't wait to perform at the dance recital this weekend. in shows together. What does it take to be a good improviser? Nick and Peter gave TFK some tips.


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Inspired by Kids

March 15, 2019

Shiver me timbers! The Story Pirates think kids have great ideas. The group uses these ideas to create shows, books, and podcasts. Read on to learn more about the Story Pirates’ work. Think Big The Story Pirates visit schools. They…


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