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Shay Maunz

Shay Maunz is an Associate Editor at TIME for Kids. Before joining TFK, in 2018, Shay was a freelance writer and editor. She’s written about everything from Sesame Street for refugee kids to rats in Vietnam, and has been published by Glamour, NPR, and Atlas Obscura. Shay grew up in West Virginia. She lives in Brooklyn with her pet poodle, Frannie.

Latest Stories


Counting T. Rexes

April 23, 2021

Some 2.5 billion Tyrannosaurus rexes walked the Earth. That’s according to a new study published in the journal Science. The reptiles were not alive all at the same time. They roamed for about 1.2 million to 3.6 million years, nearly…



Stitched in Time

April 15, 2021

When Caster Pettway, 67, was a girl, there were always quilts around. They were on the beds and couches in her house. Sometimes, her mother would hang a quilt on the porch to show it off to the neighbors. She…


Time Off

Happy at Home

April 14, 2021

Like most people, author and illustrator Mike Lowery has spent a lot of time at home in the past year. To keep boredom at bay, he started dreaming up fun things to do with his wife and two kids. “Sometimes,…



Back to the Wild

April 9, 2021

Gray wolves have roamed North America for at least half a million years. Their habitat once included most of the continental United States. But during the 1800s and early 1900s, wolves were hunted to near extinction. By the 1960s, the…



Elephants at Risk

April 9, 2021

African elephants are becoming more endangered, according to a March 25 report by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The group looks at animal populations to determine how likely they are to become extinct. There are two…


United States

The Butterfly Problem

April 7, 2021

For 23 years, the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation has held an annual monarch butterfly count. Each autumn, volunteers visit spots on the West Coast where monarchs are known to gather. They count the colorful insects to learn about the…


Lights Out In Philadelphia

March 19, 2021

On March 11, conservationists announced that Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, will join the National Audubon Society’s Lights Out program. Lights Out Philly asks people to turn off or dim the lights between midnight and 6 a.m., from April 1 until May 31.…


Food Gone to Waste

March 12, 2021

More than 1 billion tons of food are wasted each year, according to a new report from the United Nations. That’s 17% of the food produced globally in a year. Most waste happens at home, the report says. People buy…


After the Storm

March 5, 2021

Texas residents are still recovering from a winter storm that hit several states in mid-February. Extreme cold caused much of the state’s power grid to fail. “We were woefully unprepared for this kind of cold,” said Texas state representative Ron…


Winter Storm Woes

February 19, 2021

A series of winter storms began a sweep across the United States on February 11, slowing distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine in many parts of the country. Severe weather hit everywhere from Washington State to the southern U.S. Snow and…