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Top Toys of 2023

The TIME Stamped shopping experts have put together a list of the best toys of 2023. Here are a few of our favorites. These toys will bring lots of joy to the holiday season.

Baking Buddy

The Cookeez Makery bakes a puppy, kitten, or bunny plush toy in three easy steps. First, mix the “dough.” Next, decorate it. Finally, place it in the Cookeez oven. Then just sit back and watch. Ninety seconds later, the dough is transformed into a cute new friend.

It comes out of the Cookeez oven warm and smelling delicious. You can also pick your flavor: Cinnamon Pooch, Fondant Feline, or Strawberry Swirl.

Macaroni Mystery

Are you a mystery solver? Clue: Squishmallows Edition is a twist on the classic Clue game. It’s the perfect mix of warm-and-fuzzies and thrilling investigation. Join your favorite Squishmallows as they try to find out who stole Winston’s mac-and-cheese. You search for clues: What evidence was left behind? Where was the theft committed? And who did it? Be the first to solve the mystery!

Robot Racers

Get your robo-racing shoes on! Robo Rally is a competitive racing game. Up to six players zoom toward the finish line. They navigate a factory full of obstacles, including lasers, pits, and conveyor belts. You can program your robot and give it special powers. The game features four double-sided game boards, six robo-miniatures, and more than 80 different racecourses.

To Infinity

Journey to a theme park in space with the LEGO Creator Space Roller Coaster set! You can build three different rides. There’s a rocket roller coaster, a UFO carousel, and a space-shuttle drop tower. The set comes with a train that zooms past planets and stars. It also features a light-up brick that you can place on all three rides. You can populate your space theme park with five mini-figures, including a baby astronaut.

Fuzzy Friend

The Furby is making a comeback! About 25 years ago, this furry friend was the hottest toy of the holiday season. In 2023, the Furby is back, as one of the most popular gifts to give or get. The Furby Interactive Plush Toy is voice-activated. Say “Hey Furby!” and you’ll hear one of more than 600 responses. Furby can also dance to a light show that comes from its ears. Your new BFF (best Furby friend) comes in coral or purple.

Make A Wish

The Magic Mixies have been holiday staples for the past few years. Their latest toy is a Magic Genie Lamp. Use your magic ring to wake the genie. Rub the lamp and say “Magicus Mixus!” Then watch as mist rises from the lamp and your Genie Mixie pops out. The Genie Minxie listens to your wish, repeats it, then tells you whether or not it will be granted. As with other Magic Mixies toys, you can reset the lamp and repeat the spell again and again.