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K-1 Text Set: People at Work


There are many different types of jobs. Some, such as shop owner or sanitation worker, can be seen every day in the community. Other jobs, such as soldier or astronaut, may not be seen every day. No matter where workers are, their jobs shape the world around us.

Essential Questions

1. Why do people work?

2. How can workers affect the world beyond their community?

3. What can we learn from people in different jobs?

4. What does it take to be a good worker?

5. What are the benefits and challenges of different jobs?

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Paired Text


Hard at Work

April 26, 2019

People have jobs. That is how they earn money. People choose jobs based on their interests and skills. Read on to find out about five different jobs. Which one sounds the most interesting? This is a veterinarian. Vets take care…



Meet an Engineer

April 26, 2019

Roads don’t just appear by magic. Neither do sidewalks or traffic lights. These things are carefully planned by engineers. An engineer is a person who designs and builds things. YUNG KOPROWSKI (pictured) is an engineer. She works in transportation. She…


Amazing Artists

December 27, 2018

Artists help us see our world differently. They inspire us. Read about four African-American artists. Who inspires you? Augusta Savage (1892–1962) Augusta Savage was a sculptor. She made figures out of clay and other materials. She was also a teacher.…


A Day in the Life

October 20, 2017

Peggy Whitson is an astronaut. She works for NASA. She loves science. Peggy traveled to space three times. Life in space is different from life on Earth. Find out about Peggy's life in space. She orbited. Peggy lived here when…


Under the Sea

February 3, 2017

Sylvia Earle is a scientist. She has spent many years studying oceans. She loves to learn about plants and animals that live underwater. She works to keep the oceans clean. She protects the animals that live there. Ocean Explorer Earle…


Helpers at School

October 14, 2016

Many people work at a school. All of them have important jobs. They help students. Who are the workers at your school? I am in charge of the school. I help keep you safe. I work with students and teachers.…

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